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Onplanetzu extra ordinary Producer song writer artist who pushes musical boundaries and raises the bar on unique creativiy no sound alike copy cat mimic artist he has created his own lane From Our Label X-Ray Records He is Among One The Biggest Artist In Hip Hop on our label Krs One, Wutang, Trick Daddy, Planet Asia,Onyx Opz Finish up a new album IAm Famous As Wah Feat Ol Dirty Bastard Jr From Wutang Brand NewVideo Called Famous Single Out ,And More music released With George Clinton, Artist, Anchor women Darcy Darvin  Onplanetzu is a HipHop artist from Jamaica. His style is a great blend of Hip hop, trap , and even rock, going for a diverse, yet very personal sound.

Onplanetzu makes music that is all about truth, growth and realness: and off the wall party shit as a songwriter and rapper, he connects with people with Conscious lyrics that truly hit the mark.


With over 1 million plays on sound cloud with caught the attention of x-ray indie label, With Outlandish video When i become Famous.The project is a brainchild of Zu Tha Greatone. This talented artist is all about creating clever lyrics to match thought-provoking musical backdrops, inspired by influential personalities such as Prince, Public Enemy or Ludacris, Old Dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes just to name a few.

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