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Gorilla Music Group is on the industry rise as we see a huge spike in worldwide site traffic and social media followers. Our goal from the start was and still is to simply spotlight independent artists and to show the world where to find their music.

The Gorilla Music Group company was started by an Atlanta based music industry executive who understood that it's all about being consistently seen, heard, and connected to the right people to advance in the industry.

We open the Gorilla Music Group roster to all serious artists of all music genres who want the exposure and are willing to pay the $59 roster fee which will quickly turn away any non-serious artists.

Major record labels support the fact that we do charge a small one-time only fee because it shows the artist believes in his/her music and is willing to invest their own money which is a quality A&R executives look for in potential artists.

Major record labels are powerful companies and love to have control over the industry which is why we get many email inquiries from label executives about our service.

Gorilla Music Group going forward will continue to add new artists to our world-famous roster and give them the exposure and connections needed to guide them on the right course.


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