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Networking is the key to success in the music industry. Majority of mainstream artists today are at the top not just for their music but who they know.

There are many independent artists out there with high quality, mega hit, chart topping potential music, but their main problem is they do not know the right people. It only takes one person with the right connections to transform an artist to a global sensation.

Power networking in the music industry is a necessary task for artists wanting to go to the next level in their music career. There are many ways of connecting with all the right people that will assist you on your journey, one being to attend industry events in your area or a flight away. Use search engines such as Google to find industry events, conferences, etc.

Second is to reach out to major record label executives (A&R) with a simple hello, my name is XYZ. Artists must remember A&R's that represent major record labels are just regular people with a cool job, most people outside the music industry have no clue who they even are, which is why many are very approachable.

Building a solid relationship in the music industry takes time, but within that time it is the artists responsibility to create value to their music brand. The industry is full of artists chasing the same dream; however, many artists do not have the same passion or work ethic. The industry will give artists that want the dream and are willing to work for it everything there is to give, and more.


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