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Using Streaming Platforms To Distribute Your Music

Distribute music on streaming platforms

Making your music easily accessible to as many people as possible is your primary goal once your songs are finished. You may think that streaming platforms are not mandatory and that you can break through just by uploading your music to Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube. Honestly, this is not enough, even if the power of these platforms is undeniable. Streaming platforms are the key to bringing an indie artist into the spotlight and can even give unsigned artists a shot at a record deal.

Soundcloud and Bandcamp are a good way to reach a niche audience, but it will remain in the niche stage and can be very hard to reach new fans. That said, it can be an interesting test to do on your own before you’re ready to distribute your music across streaming services. After testing out how your new album does on these platforms, you’ll have to use a distribution service like Tunecore or CD Baby to get your music onto major streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music etc.

The millions of users of streaming platforms offer you a door to the world that is essential in launching your career. But that’s not all they offer. In their “for artist” side, basically the tip of the iceberg, you’ll find interfaces full of data that are very useful to understand your fans. What is this data used for? To communicate better with the listener of course and improve your marketing plan! It is key to understanding your fan-base to learn how to promote your music better. When you know who you’re talking to, you know how to talk to them.


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