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Country / Southern Rock

Singer-songwriter, Shawn Lackey was born in Alabama and he was put on this earth to make music.


He began singing in church as a child and was soon leading worship bands as a young teenager. His love for Music was instilled in him by his late father and it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that he is a gifted vocalist and musician.


While participating in the choral programs in high school he consistently received top awards such as the Alabama Independent School Association State Male Vocalist of the Year.


He was awarded a voice scholarship to The University of Montevallo where he received formal vocal training and support. Shawn has a very tight, 4 piece touring band and is currently playing in music venues across the southeast.


He continues to amaze fans with his clear deep country vocals. His fan base and popularity have grown since the release of his first single in June of 2023, “Arms of My Old Man”. Since then Shawn has released 2 more great singles, “Alone”, and “The Country”. He has plans in the near future to track several more in Nashville.


When Shawn isn’t making music he enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

Arms of My Old ManSHAWN LACKEY
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