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Gorilla Music Group

The Mission Band

We are a grateful group of Christ Followers and Musicians that wholeheartedly believe in the power of salvation through Jesus. We believe each individual is unique and equipped with specific gifts from God and seek to uplift others in love and Spirit for God's Glory. For us, He is calling us to share our gifts and talents in a way that may speak to others through music and writing.


We want to encourage and inspire; to create, innovate, work hard and, more than anything, prayerfully follow in God's plan for our lives, whatever that may look like!


Do you feel like you're searching for purpose or "the mission" of your life? Join us in finding your mission today. Subscribe and Comment, send us ideas, prayer requests, praise reports, testimonies and stories you'd like to share in order to inspire and uplift others.


Jesus loves you and so do we!

Gorilla Music Group
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