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Gorilla Music Group LLC


Independent Artists 

Welcome to the world-famous Gorilla Music Group! Our roster consists of independent recording artists of all music genres who use the gorilla Music Group site to improve their online visibility.

We use search engine optimization tools to help artists on our roster rank higher on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others, which increases worldwide discovery. Our goal is to consistently drive targeted online traffic back to the music pages of independent artists on our roster.

Joining The Gorilla Music Group Roster Includes:

- 6 Month Gorilla Music Group Site Feature 

- Worldwide Exposure

- Frequent Mentions & Features Via Social Media & E-Newsletter (Reach Millions)

- Higher Rankings / Increased Discovery On Hundreds Of Search Engines

Gorilla Music Group is one of the best methods of getting seen and heard by a global audience. Our world-famous site attracts music fans, artists, and record label executives, which will find their way via link to the music pages of our roster members.



Join the world-famous Gorilla Music Group roster today and start getting on the radar of top record label executives and music fans from around the world. 


Simply pay the one-time $59 roster fee. Within 24hrs you will be contacted Via Email by a Gorilla Music Group representative  to retrieve your music information.  

Safe & Secure Debit/Credit Card Payment Processing Via PayPal
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