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Introducing DJ Collo, the visionary force behind Underground Worldwide, where the motto is simple but powerful: "The underground spin on Hip-Hop." Born in Houston and raised in the city of Chicago before returning to Texas in 1998, DJ Collo's journey through hip-hop began with influences like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Snoop Dogg, and the iconic 2Pac.

However, it was in Houston that he discovered the transformative sound of DJ Screw, a chance meeting with the legendary Robert Earl Davis Jr. shaping his destiny. In the early days, DJ Collo found himself captivated by the distinctive style of DJ Screw, whose influence left an indelible mark on his musical soul.

From daily commutes with Screw's mixtapes in his tape player to a chance encounter at the original "Screw shop" on Cullen Rd., DJ Collo's passion for the slowed-down beats and underground vibes became an inseparable part of his identity. Inspired by DJ Screw's artistry and creativity, he realized his own calling as a D.J. The void left by DJ Screw's untimely passing fueled DJ Collo's desire to carry on the legacy of Screwed or Slowed down music.

Armed with his turntables, he embarked on a personal journey that eventually gave birth to DJ Collo Underground Worldwide. With a discography of over 30 mixtapes available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and his website, DJ Collo has become a driving force in the contemporary music scene. Key projects like "The Breaking Bread" series, "The Jumpman Mixtape," and "R U Still Down Mixtape" showease DJ Collo's creative prowess.

His mixtapes, a fusion of mainstream hits and hidden gems, have garnered millions of streams across platforms, offering a sonic experience perfect for car rides, workouts, and laid-back moments. True to the spirit of DJ Screw, DJ Collo's mixes transcend boundaries, incorporating genres like rap, R&B, rock, and blues. Beyond his mixtapes, DJ Collo is a collaborator, welcoming up-and-coming artists to be featured on his tapes or have their songs and albums mixed. Looking ahead, he plans to release more mixtapes and explore the realms of music livestreams, connecting with fans in real-time.

As a dedicated Tupac and DJ Screw enthusiast, DJ Collo's passion extends beyond music to include a love for Houston sports, anime, and diverse cinematic experiences. For all the hip-hop and rap aficionados, especially those inclined towards the underground and Screwed music, DJ Collo invites you to explore the soul and creativity behind the beats. Connect with him on Spotify, Apple Music, and his official website to embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and celebrates the essence of true hip-hop culture.


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