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So, you want to get signed to a record label? That reality is very possible; however, it is totally up to the work ethic of the artist.

Record labels are nothing more than investment companies that invest in artists that create quality music. Record label A&R executives are simply salary-based employees of the record label who have a job to do, and that is find quality talent or face being fired.

Artists wonder why record label executives are not quick to just sign some random act that says, "listen to my music and sign me". A&R executives know that every artist out there is not ready for the big time no matter how great their music is.

There are artists all over the world with great music but lack the motivation to promote their music in any kind of way. Many artists are lazy and want everyone to do everything for them in an entitled way.

Meanwhile there are artists out there who are in the studio consistently recording new music, promoting their music, and aggressively doing whatever it takes to build a solid fan base. The music industry is a business, and the record label executives treat it as just that, there are no handouts in the music industry.

Record label executives are always watching in the shadows but here are 5 ways to get their attention and even make them reach out to you.

1.Stay active by creating and recording new music

2.Frequently update your music social media pages

3. Promote using various resources

4. Perform live gigs, record them, and post them on YouTube etc.

5. Attend Music Industry Events & Network

Remember todays work is tomorrow's success so keep going and never give up!


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